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Monday, November 16, 2009

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This is an old version of the Site Map:



R: Learning R; Blogs on R; R in AustraliaStatET; Tips for StatET Upgrade procedure; R and Excel; Efficient variable selection in R
SPSS: Efficient variable selection
ExcelRecovering Corrupt Files
DesignCarryover effectsCausal InferenceDepth interviews; Designing online experiments
Inquisit: Sample Script of Reaction Time Task
Maths: Video coursesSymbol pronounciation;
TeachingTeaching with RWriting practice questionsMy orientation to statistics consultingMy teaching resources
Writing: Literature ReviewsQuality CodesLearning to write researchPen and paper; Writing tips for psychology results
Endnote: Importing from Google Scholar; Exporting from Google Scholar
Miscellaneous: First postPhotos from my office; More Photos

Posts after 16th November 2009 are not listed above.

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