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Monday, March 23, 2009

Inquisit: Simple Reaction Time, Four Choice Reaction Time, and Typing Test

In 2007 I was looking for a tool for running psychological experiments online. It was important that the online tool could record reaction time. After a little exploration I started using Inquisit.

I’ve attached a script that I wrote which provides a basic measure of simple reaction time, four-choice reaction time, and a typing test. I thought I’d make the script available for others to use and modify. The program was written for Inquisit 3.0. The Inquisit website has a pile of additional scripts. It also has a fully functional trial-version of the software.

Click on the link below to download the script. Change the file extension to ".exp" to associate with Inquisit.


  1. This is great! I have included the references in my article on training intelligence by training reaction speed!

  2. And here is a Gist with the source code as a backup for the above link:

  3. Hi sir, i really need the inquisit script for 4choiceRT. i'm not really good at coding, could you please send a version of the script without the simple RT and the typing test. hope you can help, Thanks a million. p/s-inquisit also ask me for password when i enter your script, hope you can share it. thanks.

    1. The Inquisit language is not that difficult to learn. Ultimately, if you want to customise the script you would want to either understand yourself how it works or get someone else to change it to meet your needs.

      The opening command indicates what blocks to run. So as a start you could change:

      /preinstructions = (initial.instructions)
      /blocks=[1=pm.simple; 2=pm.4choice; 3=ac.test.type]

      to something like

      /preinstructions = (initial.instructions)

      As for a password, I'm not sure, what's causing that. Perhaps your licence or trial period has expired. It is commercial software.