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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Classifying the Status of a Document with Quality Codes

I find it useful when preparing a journal article or thesis to think about the status of each section in terms of a rating from 0 to 10. I call this rating the quality code. To give the coding system substance each code has a label and a description. The codes and their groupings are listed below:
  • 0=Incomplete
Mass of writing or Outline only
  • 1=Unorganised mass of writing or rough outline
  • 2=Roughly organised mass of writing or rough outline with some content filled in
  • 3=Moderately structured mass of writing or rough outline with a moderate amount of content filled in.
  • 4=Very rough draft: It reads reasonably well. It may lack references or completeness. It may have grammar, expression and paragraph development issues; terminology may be a little imprecise at times; It may lacks real integration with the whole
  • 5=Rough draft
  • 6=Draft: This is the first level where I would typically be willing to show other people to get feedback
  • 7=Good draft: This should actually be well structured and interesting. 
  • 8=Quality draft: This is almost ready for submission. The focus has largely moved to fine tuning expression; making writing more concise; picking up formatting, style, and reference issues.
  • 9=Submission ready
  • 10=Final version after amendments

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