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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"Why" and "How" to Subscribe to a Blog

This post sets out how to subscribe to my blog. It is designed for people new to RSS feeds. If all you want to do is find the RSS feed, here it is.

How do you subscribe to an RSS feed?

  • If you are new to blogs and RSS feeds, here is an introduction
  • If you don't have a feed reader, get one. There are many. Many are free. feedly is one good options at the moment.
  • To subscribe to an RSS feed of this blog, click HERE

Why would you subscribe to a blog?

  • Most mainstream and niche publishers on the web provide RSS feeds.
  • Some sites release enough material that you find yourself going there every day or so. However, there are many others sites which produce great content but only intermittently. RSS is great for pooling all these content providers into a centralised location. You get notified of new content instead of having to constant visit these sites to see whether they have new content.
  • RSS readers also provide a very pleasant reading environment where you quickly skim through large amounts of content.

Where can you find other RSS feeds?

RSS feeds become more useful over time as you accumulate more RSS feeds. You can see under the sidebar of this site a list of other blogs and websites that I like.

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