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Monday, December 13, 2010

Video of Reproducible Research with R: Melbourne R Users 1st Dec 2010

As previously mentioned I gave a talk at Melbourne R Users Group titled "Reproducible Research and R Workflow". It covered technologies including LaTeX, Sweave, R, make, Eclipse, and git. This post shares the video.

I'd like to thank Pedro Olaya for filming the session, and Drew Conway for preparing, uploading, and hosting the video along with the many other great existing videos from R User Groups from around the world.

If you follow Drew's Blog ZIA you may have already seen the video. If you don't follow his blog, you should definitely check it out. Here are three of my favourite posts by Drew:

For those who did not catch Drew's original post, the videos are shown below.

UPDATE: The videos were taken down so I've replaced them with YouTube version.

My Talk

For a copy of the slides, R Code, and more see the previous post. The video is embedded below (If you are viewing this post in a feed reader, and the embedded video is not displaying click here to go to the original post):

Geoff's Talk

The other talk from the session was by Geoff Robinson who discussed several useful strategies for working with R.

The slides and R Script are available for download.

The talk is embedded below:

Melbourne R User Group

Yuval Marom kindly asked me to become a co-organiser of the Melbourne R user Group (MelbURN). While most people who read this blog are from overseas, if you are in Melbourne, feel free to join the group. If you know something about R, are passing through Melbourne, and would like to give a talk on R, let Yuval or me know (see the Contact Us Button), and we'll see if we can organise something.

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