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Thursday, December 2, 2010

R Workflow: Slides from a Talk at Melbourne R Users (1st Dec 2010)

I gave a presentation at Melbourne R Users on the topic of R Workflow. The presentation covered R code organisation, and useful R related tools including Eclipse, StatET, Git, make, Sweave and LaTeX. Also, the slides from the presentation provide links to four complete examples of using R, Sweave, LaTeX, and make.

PDF of Slides

A PDF of the slides is available in fullscreen and four-to-a-page handout format. Most slides contain links to resources for learning more. Thus, it should be possible to understand the main ideas of the talk just by just reading the slides and reading the links.


A video of both my talk and the previous talk by Geoff Robinson will hopefully be made available in the not too distant future (I'll post when it is available).

Github Repository

If you want to learn more about beamer, LaTeX and make, you can check out the source code used to produce the PDF of the presentation. The repository is available on GitHub:


I'd like to thank Yuval Marom for all the work he has put into kickstarting and organising the Melbourne R User Group and Deloitte for providing such a great venue.

Links Presented in the Talk