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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jeromy Anglim's Teaching Resources | Statistics

The following are some statistics teaching resources that I have developed over the years.


Multivariate Methods

Each of these links has slides and notes for 3 hour statistics seminars that I developed in 2007 for a postgraduate research methods class in management. I also have a set of exercises with examples to accompany these lectures.

  1. Descriptive Statistics
  3. Factor Analysis and Cluster Analysis
  4. Correlation and Regression
  5. Moderation and Mediation
  6. Introduction to Structural Equation Modeling
  7. Surveys and Sampling

Inquisit Resources

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  1. your site is fantastic!!!!! keep up the good work. I think you have found your calling! :)
    Usyd Honours 2010 students

  2. @Usyd Honours
    Thanks for the positive feedback.
    I hope your year goes well.

  3. your resources are so awesome! you should write a statistics textbook sometime!! your section on factor analysis is much better than Andy Field's!

  4. @Anonymous (15 May 2010) Thanks for the kind words. I'm actually a big fan of Andy Field.
    He's a done an excellent job of explaining statistical concepts to students without a strong mathematical background. I also like his humour.
    I'd just like to see him write a book called "Discovering Statistics Using [R]".

  5. Thank you so much... I am getting back to statistics.. you have shown me the freeway.

  6. You saved my life! I would rather have an autographed poster of you on my ceiling than Justin beiber! Now I just need you to peer review my research but I'm not finding an option to attach a file anywhere. Ha. Now that would be the finest day of my research life! Thanks so much and keep up the good work!

  7. Your site has been very helpful to me.

  8. Andy is working on Discovering Statistics with R. It should be out next year.

    1. And here it is:

  9. Understanding literature review is so much easier! Thanks for the tutorial!

  10. Very good job, SEM notes are so understandable....
    Best wishes from Greece

  11. Hi, thanks for your valuable information. There are very helpful to me. Could you recommend any website that provide student version SPSS software?

    Thanks and best wishes.

    Cristal Lee from Malaysia.

    1. You need to check that whatever version you get meets your requirements (e.g., do you need the grad pack; do you need add-on modules). There are many places on the web that sell licences. It seems to be worth shopping around. You may also be able to get a licence from your university.

      That said, most companies encourage students to use their software and then charge companies who want to then use the product. I think IBM SPSS's practice of charging students relatively high licence fees may be counterproductive for encouraging uptake of their product, especially as R provides a free alternative.