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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Practice Questions for Statistics in Psychology (Undergraduate Level)

This post is intended for undergraduate students who are studying statistics in psychology. The post provides links to online resources that provide practice questions.

A critical strategy for doing well in a statistics subject is to spend a substantial proportion of study time on application. This is typically achieved by doing practice questions. Most textbooks provide many end of chapter questions. If you are looking for more questions, there are always more textbooks in the library that cover the material and provide additional practice questions. This post lists some online options for locating additional practice questions:

Practice Questions
  • David A. Kenny has kindly made his text book available for free online. The end of each chapter has revision questions  (Statistics for the Social and Behavioral Sciences - 9mb) . The questions cover much of the material in an introductory statistics course in psychology (e.g., descriptive statistics, correlation, ANOVA, etc.).
  • My Own interactive Tutorial Exercises on Introductory Statistics and ANOVA, Multiple Regression and PCA. The links refer to PowerPoint files where the main slide includes questions and the comments section of the slide includes the answer.
  • SFU provide a large collection of Multiple Choice Questions. This material is not specific to psychology. 
  • HyperStat is an online introductory statistics textbook. It provides a small number of exercises at the end of each chapter with selected answers.
More Advanced Coverage
  • Virtual Laboratories in Probability and Statistics: This is an excellent site. It gives a more rigorous and mathematical treatment than is typically provided in undergraduate psychology statistics subjects. In particular the interactive applets are a real strength. Some features appear to only work in the Firefox browser.

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