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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tips for Writing Up Research in Psychology

This post provides a list of links on writing in psychology with a particular emphasis on writing results sections.

Analyses and Results
Introduction and Literature Reviews
    APA Style in General
    Writing Style


    1. first of all, congratulations for your website!
      I've a question for you: what kind of analysis can I do when I analyze the data of a 2up-1down staircase method? Can you suggest me some resources for this analysis in R?
      Psychometic function, or threeshold detection?
      Really thanks for your answer, and happy new year ;)

    2. Happy new year. I'm not really involved in psychophysics research.

      You might find the Psychometrics Task View on Cran useful:

      It lists a few psychophysics packages.

    3. Hi Jeromy,
      thank you for your answer, and link :)

    4. HI Jeromy
      Could you please advise - can factor analysis be run if I have dyadic data? To make it clearer - I'd like to factor analyse one of the scales on my questionnare - but the data is from husbands and wives? Does independence assumption hold for FA?
      Thanks a lot!

    5. @Anonymous I posted your question here:
      You should get some good responses over the next few days.

    6. I have to write an integration paper in psychology. i have to pick a chapter and be specific about how that chapter is related to every other chapter in the book. It's really not my thing and I don't want to read the entire book. Any suggestions? Help!!