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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Videos on Data Analysis with R: Introductory, Intermediate, and Advanced Resources

If you want to learn about R through videos, there are now a large number of options. This post provides links to many of these video under the headings of: (a) What is R? (b) Introductory R, and (c) Intermediate and Advanced R.

What is R?

If you are evaluating whether you should learn and use R, these videos explain what R does and why it is worth learning.
  • David Smith from REvolutions provides an Introduction to R.
  • Dice News presents a two minute quick overview of R
  • Courtney Brown presents a 7 minute video on why he encourages his students to learn R.
  • J.D. Long presents an hour long video conference on how he came to use R.

Introductory R

If you have just started learning R, these videos show you how to do basic data analytic tasks in R.
  • Rvideos provides around 20 videos providing an introduction to R on topics such as bootstrapping, ANOVA, Graphs, Dates, Sampling, Help, and more.
  • ramstatdavid has around 25 videos on YouTube each of around 5 minutes. Many of the videos are on producing plots in R.
  • LearnViaWeb has around 15 introductory R videos. Topics include loops, time series, installing R, reading and writing data, writing a function, GLM, and using random numbers.
  • Decision Science News has two ten minute video tutorials providing an introduction to R.
  • wildscop on YouTube has eight introductory tutorials on R. Topics include installing R, using help, opening files, interacting with the console, manipulating matrices, and plotting.
  • ahmetrics on YouTube has five tutorials on R on topics such as trellis plots, reading Excel data, simple linear regression
  • Learning R Toolkit has a six module course on R with videos. The first two modules are free.
  • regionomics on YouTube has around 5 videos on R interspersed with videos on other topics. Topics include an introduction to R, Rcmdr, and Discrete Choice models.
  • Dr. Thomas MacFarland has a series of introductory lectures on R using the Tegrity viewer. It assumes very little prior knowledge of computing or statistics. When I tried it, Tegrity worked better in Firefox than in Chrome.
  • off2themovies2 on YouTube has around 20 introductory tutorials on R
  • mattstat on YouTube has 7 introductory tutorials on R
  • MrIanfellows on YouTube has 3 videos providing examples of using the Deducer GUI to interact with R.
I thank Rob Hyndman for helping me discover a few of the above.

Intermediate and Advanced Materials on R

If you know the basics of R and are interested in learning about a particular topic related to R, the following videos are great. I find it useful to hear how experts talk about R in order to get a sense of how to speak and think about R.

Related Resources

If you enjoy learning about data analysis through videos, you may also want to have a look at my earlier post on full-length mathematics and statistics video courses. These are great if you need to consolidate more fundamental mathematical and statistical concepts. I also have a post with links on Getting Started with R.
If there are links to videos on R that I have left off the list, feel free to post a link in the comments.


  1. Tutorials with the R GUI Deducer (

    Variables predicting low baby birth weight (Recode Variables, Logistic Regression)

    Do people lie about their weight? (Descriptives, One sample tests, Two Sample Tests)

  2. @Ian Thanks for the extra video links on using Deducer with R.
    One of the great benefits of videos over text is seeing how people actually complete an R session and manage their workflow.

    @Tal: Thanks for the positive feedback. Cheers.

  3. No Problem, Thanks for the well researched and comprehensive list.

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  6. Thanks a lot, Jeromy. These video are so great.

  7. A practical introduction to statistical computing in R

  8. UseR 2010 conference videos


  10. Thanks for sharing. I read the 14-chapter PDF while I was on the exercise bike a few months ago so I will benefit from the videos as a revision.

  11. R Video Tutorial for Spatial Statistics

  12. Thank you so much for these resources. Learning R without these without these would have been an uphill battle.

  13. the R videos intermediate weblinks seem to be broken (Drew Conway and Hadley Wichkam)

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