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Sunday, May 16, 2010

A 34 Minute Video on Using R to Analyse Winter Olympic Medal Data

In this post I present a 34-minute video on using R. The video is based on an analysis of 1924 to 2006 Winter Olympic Medals that I presented previously in text form. The video aims to to show what an interactive session in R might look like using StatET and Eclipse.

Introductory Thoughts

I recently posted a set of links to instructional videos on using R. The post received 1800 pageviews in ten days. Given the demand, I thought that instead of just linking to videos, I should be making them.

Videos seem to complement text-based instruction. Particular benefits include:
  • demonstrating how to verbalise and pronounce R code,
  • providing a visual demonstration of how software interaction actually occurs,
  • showing how a data analyst thinks about analysis with R in real time, and
  • helping learners who prefer to learn through videos.
I confess. This is my first video. I'm still learning HOW TO use video editing software, such as CamStudio, VirtualDub, and YouTube. I'm also still learning HOW NOT TO say "um" and "ah". Nonetheless, this is the starting point. There's plenty of time to improve.

I'll post future videos to If you want to be notified of new posts, the RSS feed is:

Finally, if you use R, it'd be great to see a video of what you are doing.

The Video

Given YouTube's 10 minute file rule, the video is split into four parts.
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  1. Awesome Video! The tutorials were great and a very interesting analysis as well. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Andrew: I'm glad you liked it.