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Friday, September 18, 2009

R Community in Australia

One of the nice aspects of R is the community of users that has built up around it. The open-source model seems to create an orientation of sharing and contribution. Users benefit from R and then they give back in the form of new packages, free documentation, blogs, presentations, and so on.

I noticed how Revolutions has a listing of R User Groups. I also noticed when I attended the 2009 DSC (see John Maindonald's comments) that there were R communities in Europe and North America. This post presents a list of R activity in Australia. I'm a relative newbie to the R-world, so this is a tentative list of R in Oz.  Perhaps I'll add to it from time to time. Feel free to post additions, if you are an R user in Australia, or if you can think of people, groups, and sites that I've left off.

An incomplete list of People using R, Sites, and Groups in Australia.


There are many more developments in the R Australia scene since I last posted this. In particular see,

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