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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Self-Archiving of journal articles in academia

I'm a big fan of academics who post copies of their journal articles on their own website (e.g., here and here and here). Even if my university has online subscriptions to most journals, it is just more convenient to access all of a person's work in one place. Such articles are also typically then available through Google Scholar. It also opens the work up to others outside of academia who do not have access to university journal subscriptions. Given that academic work is typically directly or indirectly funded by public money, this seems particularly important.

I have found Sherpa Romeo to be a useful site for looking up the standard publisher copyright transfer agreement for different journals. This can be useful in selecting a journal outlet that allows for publishing on your own website. It also sets out the conditions for putting journal articles on your own website.

See here for a discussion of author rights.

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