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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bundles of RSS feeds for I/O Psychology Journals and Data Analysis Blogs

This post provides links to sets of RSS feeds on psychology journals, I/O psychology journals, and assorted blogs. If you are new to RSS and you have similar interests to me, you may find them a useful way to get started with RSS feeds using Google Reader. I previously posted on how to use RSS feeds for keeping up to date with journals. Google Reader allows you to create a bundle of RSS Feeds. Thus, I've created a few bundles of RSS feeds:


  1. Hi Jeromy,

    thanks for the bundles - especially the ones about the Psychology Journals. All the right ones in there ;-)

    As an R user I frequently visit your blog. You might like this
    (nice source for data relevant to everyday life that can be used in teaching R to students)
    Have fun and thanks again!

  2. Hi Dirk,
    I plan to refine the bundles a little more over the next few months.
    And yes, I like Datablog. There should be more such blogs.
    I had a play with the Winter Olympic Medal data they posted a few months back: