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Monday, October 5, 2009

My Software Setup

This post sets out the software that I am currently using.

  • R (Free):
  • Eclipse with StatET (Free): This is the user interface that I use for R. I also have copies of Tinn-R and JGR that I don't use.
  • G Power 3 (Free): User-friendly power analysis software.
  • SPSS and Amos: I try to do all analyses in R but most researchers that I consult  use SPSS.
  • I have, but rarely use, MLWin for multilevel models (I prefer R); and UciNet for social network analysis (I prefer R).
Research related:
  • Publish or Perish (free): Anne-Wil Harzing's software for acessing Google Scholar and doing bibliometric research
  • Visual Studio.Net: I use to program some of my experiments.
  • Inquisit : Inquisit is great way to run online experiments particularly if you want 
  • Endnote 12: References manager.
  • Notepad++: I use this to edit some text files.
  • MS Office 2007: 
  • Adobe Acrobat Professional
  • Cute PDF (Free): A free PDF maker.
  • Google Chrome (Free): I mainly use Google Chrome.
  • Firefox (Free): For the occasional site that does not work with Google Chrome, I have Firefox.
  • Faststone Image Viewer (Free): A good image viewer program. It also has features for batch conversion.
  • UltraMon: I run a dual monitor setup. This software is well worth the small cost.
  • Jing (Free for basic version): Maria H. Andersen from Teaching College Math put me on to this. I use it to get screen captures.
  • Freemind (Free): Mind mapping software.
  • Gimp (Free): I use this for image manipulation.
  • WinKey (Free): A program for creating short cut keys.
  • WinRAR: For working with zip and other compressed files.
  • K-lite codec pack (Free): To ensure that videos and audio files work
  • Audacity (Free): Open source audio editing program
  • CDex (Free):
  • Winamp (Free):
  • Itunes (Free): 
Internet Software:


  1. Just curious if you've compared a couple of the programs you use with one's I've got. Have you had a look at Exact Audio Copy for CD audio extraction, irfanview for image viewing (and basic manipulation), Foobar for playing music, and wordpress for blogging?

    I'm curious to see how they all compare. I haven't used CDex or Faststone, but I find the service at to be far superior to, and running your own install of wordpress from is even better (limitless potential). As for music, Foobar is a lot more streamlined than winamp, plus it has some handy capabilities for managing files and tags.

  2. Hi Mark,
    Thanks for the suggestions. I can't say I've really done a comprehensive search on any of these things. It's been more of a satisficing kind of search.
    Faststone is free, and it has a reasonable batchmode. The last time I used Irfanview was about 10 years ago. I imagine it's improved since then.
    As for blogging services, I've just evolved into Blogger. Maybe, I'll outgrow it. Or perhaps Google will pump more money into it and make it better. I'll have to check out Wordpress some day to see what I'm missing.