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Monday, October 19, 2009

How to conduct a social network analysis: A tool for empowering teams and work groups

In 2007 I presented a talk discussing ways that social network analysis could be used as a consulting tool to improve team functioning. I'd earlier done some consulting work with Lea Waters applying social network analysis to understand team dynamics in professional white-collar teams. The experience highlighted the value of social network analysis as well as several of the methodological and practical issues that arise when using social network analysis as a consulting tool. The slides from the talk are made available to anyone interested.

The Presentation:
Reference For Presentation:
  • Anglim, J., & Waters, L. (2007). How to conduct a social network analysis: A tool for empowering teams and work groups. Workshop presented at 7th Australian Industrial & Organisational Psychology Conference, June 28-30, Adelaide, Australia. 
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