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Monday, April 25, 2011

Case Study in Customising Syntax Highlighting and Folding in Vim for a Niche Scripting Language Called Inquisit

This post presents my efforts to setup a productive environment for editing Inquisit scripts in Vim. In addition to being relevant to people who write Inquisit scripts, the post is designed as a general case study in customising Vim for a niche programming language. Specifically, the post discusses how to setup in Vim: (a) code folding using a custom expression, (b) custom syntax highlighting, and (c) interactions with the command-line.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Using Vim and VimOutliner as a Brainstorming and Outlining Tool

This post discuses using Vim as an outlining tool. It focuses particularly on VimOutliner. In particular the post (a) discusses reasons why I like outlining tools, (b) presents some links for getting started and installing VimOutliner, (c) presents my verdict on the personal utility of VimOutliner, and (d) presents an assortment of little issues that I encountered and resolved while learning to use VimOutliner.