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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Getting Started with Beamer: Tips and Tricks for LaTeX Presentations

This post provides a guide to getting started with Beamer, a popular LaTeX package for preparing slide presentations. The post: (a) Lists some of the benefits of Beamer in comparison to PowerPoint; (b) Links to tutorials and suggestions for learning Beamer for both people who do and do not know LaTeX; (c) Documents problems that I encountered when learning to use Beamer and the solutions that I developed to overcome them.

Simple Beamer Template for Getting Started and Reducing Typing

For those who don't already know, Beamer is a useful package in LaTeX for preparing slide presentations. I have a Beamer template of preamble and slide templates. I found having a template was useful: (a) when first learning Beamer commands, and (b) in order to save typing. Thus, this post shares and explains the template in case it was of interest to others. It includes both my standard preamble and templates for individual slides. It is designed so that it is easy to compile both a presentation and a 2 x 2 handout.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Free Online Videos on Mathematical Statistics from UCCS

For some time I've been searching for online video courses on mathematical statistics. I previously posted a list of mathematics video courses. However, this previous list focused on introductory mathematics courses (e.g., calculus and linear algebra) and introductory probability and statistics. This previous list did not include more sophisticated mathematical treatments of statistics. Thus, I was pleased to discover the UCCS Department of Mathematics Video Archive.